EWWW it’s so CHEWY!

Way cool! I moved this blog from the really lame(tm) server it was on to a new server so that I can have blazing fast speed like all the other bloggers out there! (okay, so it’s not blazing fast, but at least it’s faster than 0-60 by lunch!).


Public Service Announcement

Okay, I usually don’t fall for the PSA’s (sheesh, haven’t *I* been aweful prolific with my blog today!), but this is really really important.. Especially for the three stooges (I sense some “shoe fitting” going on)..

= EOF =

It’s raining men (well, it’s raining)

Ya know, there is NOTHING WORSE than sitting at your computer workin on some way kewl questionnaire for your business plan when water drops start falling into your monitor..

Of course, you freak out immediately, grab towels and realize that your master bedroom upstairs has just burst a waterpipe! OY!

The real fun starts with buckets all around my computers, towels over my scanner, monitor, fishtanks… And no water for 20 hours! And then today they rip out huge chunks of drywall from the ceiling, charge you 2500.00 for the priviledge and I’m staring at spider-webbed rafters! Where’s the damned valium when I need it?

Okay, I’ll quit my bitchin… Had turkey pot pie for dinner AND I got a great excuse to clean my home office.. (and some buckets of water to start with!).

I sure picked a bad week to quit sniffing glue!

Bee-yatches on da Celleez!

So I’m driving home from work today, pondering when my KEG is gettin in so that I can have some mighty trance tuneZ in my Merc, and some dumbass spawn of Darwin almost runs into me! And he never KNEW IT, cause he’s on the damned CELLIE! I’m sure this problem is happening everywhere, but it seems like every single day I’m on the road, there’s stupid people talking on the cellphone while they’re driving. And I’m not seeing a SINGLE PERSON who appears to know how to do BOTH things at once! What’s happening to common sense in this world? If you have a stupid piece of plastic to your ear, talkin or yellin to your homie, and you find yourself getting flipped the BIRD by drivers around you as you weave, brake suddenly, run lights, etc., don’t you think you’d GET IT and say to yourself; "OH! I clearly should not be doing both things at once!". No, I suspect most people are like; "Hay bro, can you hold a sec while I pull out my gun and shoot at the person who just shot me the bird? Then I can be incompetent at doing THREE things at once!".


GGGGGGGG (geeez)

I’m not worthy

So I wake up on my birthday. Hell I’m only 37. But I wake up really upset for some reason (and I’m not the panic on birthdays kinda guy). Last night’s Queer as Folk was intense (Emmett’s dreams are cruelly dashed) and I’m about to have some kinda midlife crisis..

So I do what any neurotic birthday boy would do; I get in a fight with my other half, go to work, and then come home cause I’m in such a “wierd place”.

What else to do but go SHOPPING!

But that’s not to be yet… I’m on the phone with my mom when 3 whackos come to the door. Josh gets the door while I’m on the phone. I turn around and find Mike, Keith and Chung holding balloons, ice cream cake and roses!!!

Afterwards, I go and get myself a spiffy bday pressie for my car.

While at dinner, I was suddenly overtaken by the sight of those dudes holding all that stuff; ice cream cake on fire, Keith with roses in his hand FOR ME! (lol). A totally silly grin/emotion overcomes me (and some mist in my eyes)… Of course I’m not gonna cry. Men don’t cry (well, at least men who take Wellbutrin don’t cry!).

I so do not deserve such good friends! You lamos ROCK!

When my ship comes in…

Well, it’s been another long weekend of work (and some play, admittedly), and I’m about ready for my FAMILY CRUISE!

So once again, I ripped of Mike’s site and added the “Days till cruise” so that I can be joyous everytime I look at my blog!

Okay, I better get started on the new customer spec before Mike kills me! Maybe he won’t notice… After all he’s so busy moving Chung!

Oh, tomorrow is INVOICING day and my BIRTHDAY! Twice the fun! Rah!

What are you going to buy me?


Okay, it’s been a whole 10 minutes since I set up my new BLOG, and no one’s posted on it!


I think I’ll eat the cat now…

A clean start

Well, I had built up a really cool BLOG site using some code that the man is working on, and then I decided to play a bit with the MovableType stuff. 🙂

So I guess it’s a fresh start! (not that it was a whole lotta posts?).