Meet Max & Cassie!

click to view! I would like to officially introduce you to the two newest members of our family! Meet Max & Cassie!

They are the most adorable little puppies I have ever seen! Max (the male) is bold, outgoing and a little clumsy. Cassie (the female) is bright, intelligent and VERY shy!

Click here for s’more pictures of them.

Who knows?

Click to zoom What a great cruise! I wanna go back right now! Came back with the Alaskan pig-vomit flu… and a whole lotta fun at work! Mike did a great job while I was gone. I wasn’t missed at all. OH! I put up phpbb (message boards) for ya’ll to make me famous with!


Ship of Fools

click to zoomWell, tomorrow we leave for Vancouver for our fabulous CRUISE! Here’s a picture from our last alaska cruise. Click on the picture to zoom.

Can’t you just hear the Charlie’s Angels themesong from this picture? I’m the “Angel” in the middle.. Bosley couldn’t make it.

It should be a lot of fun! Everyone please harass Mike while I’m gone!

She was a gem

Anyone who has ever had a pet will understand what this is like.. Dinky was 15 and a half years old. She had outlived many of her contemporaries, yet she left us all too soon. I miss you Dinky! I hope you are playing with your littermates at Rainbow Bridge! You will always be my first and my favourite!

EWWW it’s so CHEWY!

Way cool! I moved this blog from the really lame(tm) server it was on to a new server so that I can have blazing fast speed like all the other bloggers out there! (okay, so it’s not blazing fast, but at least it’s faster than 0-60 by lunch!).


Public Service Announcement

Okay, I usually don’t fall for the PSA’s (sheesh, haven’t *I* been aweful prolific with my blog today!), but this is really really important.. Especially for the three stooges (I sense some “shoe fitting” going on)..

= EOF =