More Japanese phud! I love this stuff! Getting ready for my trip to Japan.

Had very very very yummy Sukiyaki and a rainbow roll!

Robster Craws!

I am SOOOO irresponsible! I spent way too much money on a very yummy dinner tonight with my family.. We had LOBSTER appetizer, lobster soup, stuff lobster.. OY!

(and don’t forget the Merlot!)

Oh well, it was great, I gained like 10 pounds, but my wallet lost 10 pounds, so I’m even…

Oh well.. Time to veg on the couch!

Chinese Take-Out

I really hate Chinese food… but Randy keeps insisting that we have some (ugh)..

Okay, so I ate my fried rice, lemon chick and beef and snow peas and shut the hell up. <grin>

Last night was better.. Terriyaki Chicken with Asparagus and skewered shrimp! <Yum Yum!>.

Birthday Dinner!

Went out to dinner tonight after getting myself a present at the Good Guys (bitchin car stereo and 10gig PhatBox!) and had filet mignon with shrimp scampi.

Also had a bit ‘o wine.. WOO WOO!

Yummy Steak!

Had some steak grilled with onions and mushrooms! And don’t forget the steamed asparagus!

(yeah, I’m gonna NEED that nordic track coming in!)


Had yummy lasagna tonight with garlic bread.

I was so hungry later that I ate the sofa!