Birthday Dinner!

Went out to dinner tonight after getting myself a present at the Good Guys (bitchin car stereo and 10gig PhatBox!) and had filet mignon with shrimp scampi.

Also had a bit ‘o wine.. WOO WOO!

Yummy Steak!

Had some steak grilled with onions and mushrooms! And don’t forget the steamed asparagus!

(yeah, I’m gonna NEED that nordic track coming in!)

When my ship comes in…

Well, it’s been another long weekend of work (and some play, admittedly), and I’m about ready for my FAMILY CRUISE!

So once again, I ripped of Mike’s site and added the “Days till cruise” so that I can be joyous everytime I look at my blog!

Okay, I better get started on the new customer spec before Mike kills me! Maybe he won’t notice… After all he’s so busy moving Chung!

Oh, tomorrow is INVOICING day and my BIRTHDAY! Twice the fun! Rah!

What are you going to buy me?


Okay, it’s been a whole 10 minutes since I set up my new BLOG, and no one’s posted on it!


I think I’ll eat the cat now…

A clean start

Well, I had built up a really cool BLOG site using some code that the man is working on, and then I decided to play a bit with the MovableType stuff. 🙂

So I guess it’s a fresh start! (not that it was a whole lotta posts?).



Had yummy lasagna tonight with garlic bread.

I was so hungry later that I ate the sofa!