It’s raining men (well, it’s raining)

Ya know, there is NOTHING WORSE than sitting at your computer workin on some way kewl questionnaire for your business plan when water drops start falling into your monitor..

Of course, you freak out immediately, grab towels and realize that your master bedroom upstairs has just burst a waterpipe! OY!

The real fun starts with buckets all around my computers, towels over my scanner, monitor, fishtanks… And no water for 20 hours! And then today they rip out huge chunks of drywall from the ceiling, charge you 2500.00 for the priviledge and I’m staring at spider-webbed rafters! Where’s the damned valium when I need it?

Okay, I’ll quit my bitchin… Had turkey pot pie for dinner AND I got a great excuse to clean my home office.. (and some buckets of water to start with!).

I sure picked a bad week to quit sniffing glue!

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