I’m not worthy

So I wake up on my birthday. Hell I’m only 37. But I wake up really upset for some reason (and I’m not the panic on birthdays kinda guy). Last night’s Queer as Folk was intense (Emmett’s dreams are cruelly dashed) and I’m about to have some kinda midlife crisis..

So I do what any neurotic birthday boy would do; I get in a fight with my other half, go to work, and then come home cause I’m in such a “wierd place”.

What else to do but go SHOPPING!

But that’s not to be yet… I’m on the phone with my mom when 3 whackos come to the door. Josh gets the door while I’m on the phone. I turn around and find Mike, Keith and Chung holding balloons, ice cream cake and roses!!!

Afterwards, I go and get myself a spiffy bday pressie for my car.

While at dinner, I was suddenly overtaken by the sight of those dudes holding all that stuff; ice cream cake on fire, Keith with roses in his hand FOR ME! (lol). A totally silly grin/emotion overcomes me (and some mist in my eyes)… Of course I’m not gonna cry. Men don’t cry (well, at least men who take Wellbutrin don’t cry!).

I so do not deserve such good friends! You lamos ROCK!

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