Vanilla ISIS is committing violent terrorism and treason at the Capitol today (fueled by Agolf Twittler), and they are being treated VERY differently than BLM protesters were.  BLM protesters didn’t storm the capital and break windows and seize the dais for photo opportunities.

There is a DISTINCT DIFFERENCE between the way that BIPOC people are treated and the way that the white supremacist Y’all-Qaeda are being treated.

And it’s disgusting. 


Wypipo Cancelled!

Wypipo Cancelled!

Receipts from the racist wypipo in our lives…


I love this site.  Do you know WHY I love this site? 

I love it because it calls attention to the vicious racism in our country, and it punishes those who air that vitriol in public places.  Racism has always existed, but it had never been made so “okay” until the rectal prolapse we call a president came into being.  Then suddenly it’s as if all the slime crawled out from under rocks to scream racist things, do racist things, scream about makes and liberty, and yell FAKENEWS as often as they can. Racism must ALWAYS be punished in a very public way. Only then will it become unpopular again.


We have long memory-spans

As Trump melts down in front of the nation and burns everything we are to the ground, I feel it worth mentioning to conservative christians and republican politicians that we have a long memory span. 

When sanity returns, we hold YOU responsible for what has happened, and we will call you to the carpet.