Katrina, Lovers, Losers…

Fucking Kitty!!!!Oh boy what interesting times we live in..

Katrina was a total natural disaster and an un-natural clusterfuck.

It all went to hell. Our government screwed up and didn’t respond well (oh yeah, Homeland Security sure makes ME feel safer!). POOR people were left behind because they didn’t have a way to leave (and when you have hardly anything, you want to guard what you have). The criminal element remained so they could take advantage of the destroyed and the weak.

We watched the news try to make this a “black thing”. I’m not immune to such machinations. I found myself watching the television in astonishment; as hoards of black people were stealing Nike’s, jeans and Televisions from the local Walmart/Target/etc.. I muttered, “just look at those savage monkeys”, and I felt immediately guilty. Because I was sucking it up.

But HERE is the truth:

Take ANY race/creed/color/religion/blahblah of people, make them impoverished and ignored, and then put them into a natural disaster.. THEY will become savages.. We ALL will become monkey savages. That is the fucked up part about it; The ONLY thing that seperates human beings from savages is just some little natural disaster. Because we all are really just Monkeys with a slightly larger brain dontchaknow.

I guess we’re NOT so civilized or safe as we would like to feel.

Of course, not ALL of us would steal TV’s in a damned flooded city with no electricity (DUH!!!). I’ll be one of the first guys in Walmart stealing water or maybe some dry/clean socks in the middle of all that hell, but I sure don’t need 27 pairs of Nike’s, ya know?

Criminal element. They come in ALL colours. We’re cursed with it because we need to spank our children just a little bit more (or maybe we just need to stop all this damned breeding).

Word to your damned mother.

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