Will they come?

Now WHY IS IT that I can never seem to find time to post to this damned thing?

Is it that my head is empty? Well, maybe… but it sure don’t feel like it.

Is it that I don’t drink at home anymore? Perhaps. I always got too rancid when I was pissed..

Is this just a fad? Gawsh, I doubt it..

Okay, it’s just that I’m a big geek boring person..

YEAH! That’s it!

7 Replies to “Will they come?”

  1. Penny, no matter what people say about what people post on blogs they always read it and comment ANYWAY! lol It’s about reading live people I guess.

  2. you know..that’s a very good point…
    I guess this is the 2005 version of a diary.

    the problem I have for example..
    a young woman in my philosophy class..has a blog, blogs every day with her thoughts and rants..no problem there..but if you ask her if she’s gonna vote..she looks at at you as if you were speaking a foreign language.

    take some of that energy spent on the rant and point it at making something happen!

  3. Blogging doesn’t make any difference in the general scope of things.. But I DO KNOW that it makes me feel better to have expressed myself even if no one reads it..

    I mean, how many of us “hide things” in our souls and never release them to the universe? 🙂

  4. in light of the counter culture of blogging that has come into existance, I have some philosophical questions about blogging…
    1. why do people (individual bloggers) think that other people (the rest of the world sic: internet) cares about their rants?

    2. alot of young college students who blog because they think someone cares and that it makes a difference a difference to the world…have not connected that to truly make a difference in the world..they might want to go to that little booth on Nov 2, and put an X on a paper ballot!!! how do we make that connection?


  5. I heard an 18 year old kid on Mark and Brian this am who called in to say he was PRO BUSH and had been since he was 17! I really hoped he was saying he was hetero…but alas no..
    it was that monkey boy in the white house to whom he was referring…is this not sad? so young and so stupid!

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