Don’t Be a Foster Failure!

Well, as a member of United Yorkie Rescue, I promised myself that I wouldn’t foster because I’ve got this houseful of DOGS already.

Well, I’m a suckahhh!

Sarah was a puppymill dog kept in a cage for 8 years; forced to breed and breed and breed. She doesn’t know what a TOY is. She doesn’t know what a tender hand is or a smiling face. It’s so hard to see how timid she is and I look forward to the part where she “unfolds” as she realizes that those HARD TIMES are over.

And I can’t be a foster failure. I’ve GOT to make her happy and find her a great and permanent loving home. MUST AVOID OVERBONDING! OY OY OY!

Well, there’s my blog entry. Ever since I stopped drinking, I don’t rant as much as I used to… ;P