I am a living example of dianetics!!!!!

Ummm, errr.. sorry. FreakyDeakys from the Church of Scientology sent me a freaking cassette tape (unsolicited!!!) in a nice padded envelope just cause I’m a member of the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce. Umm… that’s the chamber of commerce.. NOT the chamber of fucking religious-fringe cult-pigblood freaks! (or maybe they ARE??? AGGGGH!)

Fuck L. Ron Hubbard and the horse (errr… thetan) he rode in on (right in the ear)! Geez, posting this message made my right eye hurt. That must mean that in a past life I must have gotten a lava enema and it hurt my feelings. I feel like I need an audit.. Oh, and I have this sudden urge to give all my money to elron (not ENron… been there, done that) and work 80 hours a week (for free) to victimize other poor lost souls. Or, maybe I just need some ice cream (Mint Chip, thank you very much). Oh, and Worship me instead… Gawsh I feel scads better. I must be an OT now!

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