Damn! I got back from England/Ireland just fine.. I had a deliciously awesome time! (far more fun than I should have deserved).. I tried to get my photos online by now (over 500 of them), but the damned Macromedia Dreamweaver MX "Photo Album Wizard" is full of dog-crap!!! How come nothing works the way it purports to? And now that I’m on a Rant (what ELSE is new?);


We are constantly battling spam. I found a great program that at least filters it out of my inbox, but DAMN… It’s getting WORSE… when is "W" (and congress) going to get OFF this Iraq crap and pass some DOMESTIC LAWS that actually IMPROVE our lives rather than destroy our economy and our image with the rest of the world? We could use some REAL anti-spam legislation, so at least I could OPT OUT and TRULY be opted out… I swear, you see so much crap about spam that says, "Click here and we’ll remove you.. really really".. and you KNOW that you’re getting on a higher-priced list… More and more spam.. It really gets me down to think that there are so many dishonest and crappy people on the planet… No WONDER people jump off frickin buildings! On another note.. I fricken LOVE my doggies!!!

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