Et tu Brute?

Well, I just HAD to do it and go get a brand-spankin-new Imac!

This is actually a damned impressive machine, and if they improved on the processor speed, I’d probably make it my PRIMARY computer (I’m a traitor)! The 17″ cinema screen is also pretty impressive (I’d trade my 21″ monitor for that on my primary!).. The OSx is, in addition, fun to use and it mixes mac and *nix features. What fun!

<political diatribe>

Speaking of processor speed.. Has anyone besides me noticed what a complete and utter MORON Bush is again? After the 9/11 crap, I had been so happy that it appeared he bought a brain or sompin, but I guess it was a blue-light from *Mart (well, it was his speech writers), cause he sure got fucking stupid again! Better watch out for those damned NU-Q-LER MIRRAHS! He’s bringing god back INTO the pledge, but meanwhile is “leading us into UN hell and delivering us from financial prosperity”. GET OUTTA MY WALLET YOU COMMUNIST!

Saw Clinton on Letterman and I was all giggly willing to be a brunette intern just to see him be president again!!! I want my Billy Boy! I sure miss the days of presidential COMPETENCE! Frankly I don’t give a rat’s ass if my president is getting laid (by someone OTHER than his significant other), so long as he’s giving my wallet and my civil rights some romance at the same time! Bush is just like a bad hooker who takes your money and leaves you with the clap!

</political diatribe>

Meanwhile.. my damned puppy-mutts have gone and learned to be WEBMASTERS (the traitors!)!

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  1. Bush and communism is so lame, you must be a faggot who does dogs uglier than Hilary. Clinton’s regime was just a long slow burning joint that now has sobered you up and you are poorer for it, dumbass.

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