Bee-yatches on da Celleez!

So I’m driving home from work today, pondering when my KEG is gettin in so that I can have some mighty trance tuneZ in my Merc, and some dumbass spawn of Darwin almost runs into me! And he never KNEW IT, cause he’s on the damned CELLIE! I’m sure this problem is happening everywhere, but it seems like every single day I’m on the road, there’s stupid people talking on the cellphone while they’re driving. And I’m not seeing a SINGLE PERSON who appears to know how to do BOTH things at once! What’s happening to common sense in this world? If you have a stupid piece of plastic to your ear, talkin or yellin to your homie, and you find yourself getting flipped the BIRD by drivers around you as you weave, brake suddenly, run lights, etc., don’t you think you’d GET IT and say to yourself; "OH! I clearly should not be doing both things at once!". No, I suspect most people are like; "Hay bro, can you hold a sec while I pull out my gun and shoot at the person who just shot me the bird? Then I can be incompetent at doing THREE things at once!".


GGGGGGGG (geeez)

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  1. Heh… that’s why it is prohibited by law to talk on your cellie while driving in Austria… and when they catch you doing both things at once they charge you an arm and a leg…

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